Thursday, May 26, 2005

What? It's Not Friday?

Ever have one of those days where you thought it was a different day, no matter what the calendar said? Well, today I thought it was Friday, all day long. In fact, as I type this, I feel like this is Friday. I guess that's allright until tomorrow when I wake up, and realize that, yes indeedy, I do still need to report for work one more time before the weekend. Aaaaah! The agony! At least it's payday, which will assuage my dismay over having to live through two consecutive Fridays in a row.

On another note: I know that Jeff (Mr.24), would never report this himself for fear of it reflecting badly on his sponsor, but I do not have such compunctions- so here goes!! His Fox fork recieved just a couple of weeks ago developed a bad case of unwanted fore and aft movement recently. Just in time for this weekends 12 hour rage in the Milwaukee area. With his other fork out at Fox for a rebuild,( last years fork) he looked to be in quite the pickle. Hard to race with a sketchy fork on one bike and none on the other. So, just yesterday,( Wednesday) Jeff finally gets the correct contact info for his "inside" guy at Fox. He contacts him, and much to his delight and hope, the Fox guy promises overnight delivery of a new replacement fork. Well, seeing as it's rather easy to promise and harder to deliver, Jeff wasn't holding his breath. However; Thursday morning, here it shows. And not only that, the Fox guy fixed him up with all kinds of really cool Fox schwag! Awesome! Fox customer service rules, people. AND they stand behind their product, too! Jeff's always been happy with the performance of the forks, and until the latest hiccup, no problems with quality of the product. Now Jeff has a brand new fork on his primary rig and the "sketchy" one on the backup bike- if need be. He sends the poorly performing fork in AFTER the weekends goings-on. That's pretty cool in my book. So, give the Fox forks a good long look next time your in the market for forkage. Too bad they don't do a 29 inch wheel compatible fork, cause I'd be all over that like white on rice!

Obviously, it's a big holiday weekend staring us all in the face. I can tell by the twitch in it's eye! Seriously, please be careful out there, especially you road riders! Alchohol fueled nimwits will abound! In any case, have fun!

Go Jeff!

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chadman said...

Hmmm, I seem to remember a guitar playin' bicycle ridin' guy when I lived in the great city of Waterloo. he had a friend named Ryan (whom I wroked with), and gave (if i remember correctly) my nephews a guitar. Maybe they bought it I don't remember. Last I knew he was wrenchi