Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's Starting!

This is the beggining! The week of InterBike. The week that I'll probably spend more time on the 'net than any other, with the possible exception of Tour de France time! (Which wins out by the sheer fact that it's three weeks vs. one for the show) Pics will be flowing, stories will be told, and the things that happen in Lost Wages will NOT stay there! I'm going to focus on the really cool 29 incher stuff, which I'm expecting there to be a lot of. Already, there has been some leakage of new product intros.

The rims, frames, and other bric-a-brac that have already been reported on here are now joined by the news that Pace will be distributing it's much coveted carbon fiber forks in the U.S.A. through Quality Bicycle Products. QBP is a distributor that just about any local bike shop should be able to order from. Pace is also offering this fork in a never before available 29 inch specific version, suspension corrected for an 80mm travel fork. Look for a pic soon!

Mr. 24 starts his whirlwind tour of the world Tuesday, when he leaves for InterBike. I'll be back at the "ranch" doing the first "Monday's With Mark" gig tomorrow. I don't suspect that the shop work will be very taxing, now that the weather has "cooled" down a smidge. The cyclists around here pretty much hang up the bikes for winter when the highs get back down into the 60's. It's a shame, too, because the weather and the scenery are some of the best in the Fall for cycling in the Mid West. Oh well, their loss! They don't know what they are missing.

Speaking of Fall riding, check out this from Adam Lisbonee. Is he lucky, or what? I'll have to see how our Fall colors come out, and post up a pic or two. It won't be anything near as grand as that stuff, though! (sigh!)

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