Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Some News, Part II

On the InterBike front, and specifically 29 inchers, here is a thread to get you started. I'm sure more will pop up now that the show moves indoors today. The photogs always take awhile to post stuff up, as well. I'm still reading that 29 inchers had a big prescence at the Outdoor Demo. But then again, so did a "monster mtb"!

Mr.24 must be "out of reach", or in shock at finally laying eyes on what very well could be his weapon of choice for next year. I wonder what he'll think about it's supposed "nervous, XC handling"? Anyway, I haven't heard from him, but then again, he doesn't own a phone! No cell phone, no nothin'! And I'm sure that any Internet access available has a huge line in waiting. He doesn't like waiting! So, I wouldn't expect to hear from him soon. Then again............

Today is the day for the big ultra-endurance race pow-wow. I'll be keenly interested in the results of that meeting. Mr. 24 will be representin' for Trans Iowa. I wonder if he'll be eating any of the available sushi at the meetings host restaraunt.

That's it from a gloomy, drizzly Iowa town called affectionately "Ghetto-loo", by a few nut-cases like me, and Mr. 24. What do you call it?

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