Friday, October 21, 2005

29"ers, Punk Rock, and Zealots!

Ever wonder just what is it with these 29"er freaks? Why are they so willing to take the plunge into unknown territory? Why is it that once they try it, some of them become raging, foaming at the mouth, zealots that hardly can be tolerated? Sometimes the deragatory terminology they use drives normally civil mountain bikers over the edge!

Hmm......well, it seems that there are several sides to this story. One probably sees this sort of thing happen in all sorts of movements. 29"ers are sort of like punk rock. At first, a few people understand, are inspired, or both. Then the rest of the herd says that they are weird, loathsome, and just plain stupid. Once more people begin to enjoy it, embrace it, and become enamored with it, someone usually comes along to make some money off it. Then the whole movement starts to get marketed, sold, and re-packaged, marketed, sold, etcetera, etcetera.

Then strange things start to happen. You will always have those that try it, like it, and go away quietly, reasonably, and use the product like crazy. There are those who will try to defend the product to the still non-believing heathens, who just don't seem to get it, and apparently, need to be thumped on the head, or something. Maybe they need to be justified for spending the coin on an unknown" it"? Maybe they are control freaks, or insecure, or whatever! Some of us like to be available to answer any questions that seekers may have. Some of us have answers. Some have, well.........B.S.!

Anyway, this 29"er thing has just gotten a little too serious with some folks. I do not proclaim to have all of the answers. I suspect most of you out there don't either! Look, 29"ers are a great way to enjoy trail bicycling. You could exploit several benifits of the platform.....if you want to! Hey! If you don't, that's okay. Enjoy your MTB however you see fit. Let's not be shouting each other down because one of us is riding the wrong size wheels. Whatever! Let's go RIDE!!

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