Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Magic Number

Yesterday we got a visit from our friendly Cannondale representative. (Hi, Evan! Thanks for checking the blog out!) I always pester him about 29 inch wheeled bikes and why Cannondale doesn't produce one. Well, it seems that the product wonks at Bedford need to be assured that the market will support sales of at least a thousand units before Cannondale will produce such a monster. So, here's your chance, Cannondale freaks. E-mail, call, or visit your Cannondale dealer and make some noise if you want to see a big wheeled, aluminum framed mountain bike with "Cannondale" plastered on the downtube. Maybe if they see a groundswell of support for a 29" wheeled effort, they would do it. Want to see more reactions? Go here!

Well, on a completely different note, if you are in need of some cycling related gift ideas for the up coming holiday season, check out my place of employment. I've never seen the shop so well stocked as it is now! It's almost better than the mid-summer peak! .......Almost! Out of town? Europa can ship anywhere, just check it out! We even sent a bike to Japan this year, and it wasn't Jeff's either! Kudos to Mr. 24 and Carlos for their hard work getting things out on the floor. Way to go, buddies!

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