Friday, November 18, 2005

Test Pattern II

Bzzzzzzzzzt! Huuummmmmmmmmm......................Can you here me now?

Thanks to Mr. 24 for the digitized logo. Quite a step up from the vacuum tubed version from a day ago!

Well, today we are suppose to get above freezing for the first time in a few days. Yesterday, it was 6 degrees out during my commute. No wind though, so it really didn't feel that bad. I got out the bastard bike, as Mr. 24 likes to call it. It's an old Schwinn CrissCross with 45mm. Inova studded tires on it. It wasn't too bad, ice-wise yesterday, so I'm bringing back the Karate Monkey for todays commute. Besides, the ice should be about gone by 11am. which is when I'm leaving the house today. Yep, got the late shift!

The shop was pretty slow yesterday, and tonight is bingo night next door to us, so the parking lot will be filled with cars. No room for customers of Europa! The gambling lemmings, with their heaters, Pepsi, and arsenal of highlighter blotters will take over. What really bugs me is when they send their neglected little minions over to the shop to entertain them whilst mommy wastes their college education fund in hopes of striking it rich in the Triple Blackout round. Yeah right! Whaddaya get for that.........$50.00 maybe? Wow! And to think that you could have spent some time with your kids actually teaching them something worthwhile! Ahhhhh crap! Whadda I know?!

All righty then, it's another weekend! The Trans Iowa V.2 dates been set, and now it's time to start working on some other behind the scenes type stuff. Hopefully, info will be released soon. Course recon needs to be completed. Little bits and pieces here and there to verify and document. Of course, the whole thing will have to be re-driven after the winter is over to check it one last time for all the event participants. Well, that's not going to be for awhile now, is it? Ha, ha!

Speaking of winter, we just got all stocked up with X country ski stuff. Classic stylee. Stop by at the shop and take a look-see. Mighty nice stuff from Salomon and some other sundry bits. Hopefully, the snow comes in enough quantities and for long enough that I get to ski for longer than two weeks this season!

Have a great weekend, and don't be afraid to ride outside! It's still fun!

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