Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Before You Know It......

Tick....tick.....tick....... The time is slipping away fast now. Here are some things that are going to happen "before you know it". In no particular order.............

Before you know it..........

1. Your first event/ race will happen. Yep, pretty quick now, you'll be lining up for that first sufferfest that is the very first race/ event of the year. Are you ready?

2. The first 60 degree/ 70 degree/ 80 degree day, will happen. (depending upon where you live!) You know.........that first day that you can ride without a jacket comfortably, and start working on your so-pro-tan! For you that are downunder, you will be doing the reverse...before you know it!

3. You'll be trying to find a good place to put your rollers/ trainers away for the season. Yaaayyyy!!!!

4. You'll be dragging out that bike from the garage/ basement/ shed, tuning it up, pumping up the tires, and find out that you've got a flat, or some other mechanical issue that you remember saying this about: "Oh, I'll get that fixed when the weather turns bad and I can't ride anyway." Oh well! Down to the bike shop only to find out that there are 500 other people just like you that have already dropped their bikes off, causing a two week delay in your first ride of the season! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

5. You'll be so giddy about riding again after winter, that you'll ride waaayyyy farther than you probably should have, and wake up the next day with muscles sore where you didn't know you had muscles!

6. Jeff will be breaking out his "Swamp-ass meter" again!

7. Trans Iowa V2 will happen and epic stories of mass sufferage will be told. Some of victory and some of defeat. Which story will be yours? (Assuming you are in Trans Iowa, that is!)

8. I'll be riding my Inbred 29"er. (hopefully waaayy before I know it!)

9. Buchanandale will podie in a 24hr event, and Mr. 24 will get the Quachita Challenge record.

10. Cannondale will acquiesce to my desire to have a Rush 29"er in Tangerine and produce them to resounding praise from all 29" devotees, and sell more bikes than they could imagine. (Hey! I have a dream, too!......and it could come true if only.............)

That's all for today. What would you say is going to happen "before you know it"?

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