Sunday, February 26, 2006

Photo Blog: Sunday Ride

I took a little ride today and decided to do a little headwind training. South of Guitar Ted HQ. there is a bike path that used to be a rail line. This line used to go all the way from Waterloo to Kansas City. Here I am 319 miles from K.C.!

Dang this is a steep hill! (Heh heh! or not!)

Guitar Ted dashboard including from left to right, A cheesy clip on temperature guage that actually works! A mount for a Cat Eye light, and my Cat Eye Enduro 8 computer that is reading a raging 12.7 mph at the moment the picture was snapped! (Not bad for a 37 X 22!)

Well, as you can see, nothing really exciting here, just a short two hour ride to keep the blood pumping. The trails are too wet and muddy to do any off roading yet and I didn't have enough time available for a proper gravel grinder. That'll be next weekends ride.

I saw Mr. 24 crusing on his road rocket this afternoon. I wonder how his ride went?

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