Tuesday, April 18, 2006

29"er News And Views

Still getting fallout from the Sea Otter Race and Expo that was held just over a week ago. It seems that the surge in 29"er offerings is still continuing as well. Here's a look at what is catching my eye lately.

GT Bikes shows a 29"er proto type: Sea Otter news again! GT Bikes was showing a single speed 29"er in the expo area. Will they be the next to jump on the steel, hardtail, single speed 29"er bandwagon? Seems likely. The big difference in their proto was the lack of disc mounts and no goofy multi purpose drop outs. Will this see production? Not likely! Maybe we will see 29"ers in our local "MallWarts" in the future! ( GT is owned by Pacific Cycle, which sells several "department store" quality bike brands)

Intense Spyder 29"er: Somewhat overshadowed by other offerings and debuts at the Otter was the Intense Cycles Spyder 29"er. It uses the VPP type suspension system for rear boing-age and has a rather steep head angle which test pilots say makes the handling pretty snappy and definitely on par with any 26 incher out there. Some fear toe overlap problems, but so far, no problema! It'll be interesting to see what riders have to say once they are hitting the trails on these steeds. Geometry seems a little steep to me, but what do I know?

Panaracer announces a 2.3 wide meaty tire: It seems like it is a pretty solid rumor, especially when it's instigated by a supposed Panaracer employee! Apparently, the new 29 inch tire is going to be an "all mountain" type, knobular, grippy tire that should please all those fellows in the East Coast, Rockies, and Coastal Ranges that have been bemoaning the lack of tacky shoes for thier 29"ers. The tread is going to be an all new design named "Rampage". It will also be offered in a 26 inch size.

Inbred Update: The Inbred 29"er is sooo close to being done! I mounted up the brakes last night, along with cutting the steer tube to length, installing the star nut, and mounting the fork up to the bike. A recent gift from Niner Bikes, ( Apparently they liked the write up I did for them!) went on, as well. You'll have to wait for the pics! I need to mount the chain, and then do a final detailing and checkover before the first ride. That should be yet this week. As far as photos, well.......I forgot my camera at my mom's house over Easter weekend, so it'll be awhile!

Sole Power Days at our local university will see myself and Mr. 24 doing check overs on rusty, cheap, broken down college students bikes. They never take their bicycles seriously, since they are counting on their degrees to get them the latest sled available that guzzles petroleum products at alarming rates. Sad! Bicycles are soooo much better! Anyway, look for a pictorial on Mr. 24's site later today!

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