Sunday, April 02, 2006

And Now For Some "True" Stories!

Trans Iowa pictures for you. Just the "B" roads . As you can see, the roads are saturated with water. No riding here for me! The gravel was soft and squishy in spots. And to think, it rained most of the night after these photos were taken!
This gravel "B" road is like a bad driveway!
I actually drove this mile section in my car, but it was pretty sketchy! Big ruts, mudholes and lots of undulations here. The condition of most of the roads was "okay". It was wet and soft everywhere. We got more rain last night which is only compounding the situation. More traffic on these already soft roads will rut out the surfaces that were smooth most of the winter. We are forecast to get more rains throughout the week, so it's going to get ugly. After that, it's supposed to dry out a bit. It will take a week to really dry things out, ( my estimate) so if it does stay dry, then T.I. won't be too affected by all of this. Except that if it stays dry, the road graders will have plenty of time to spread the fresh gravel where ever they need too! In fact, I did see a few miles of that already.

Can we come out from hiding? Whew! I'm sure glad that it's April 2nd. All those contrived, lame, and boring "press releases" that come out are not fooling anybody. And then there's the stuff they pass off as press releases on April 1st! Give it a rest guys, nobody is laughing anymore.

Build it! I am descending into the bowels of Guitar Ted Labratories to assemble some more of the Inbred today. I hope to present an update on that soon. I originally had hoped to have this rig on the trails by now, but certain parts delays have extended the finish date out a ways. I'm still hoping to run this bike at the Dirty Kanza in May, so we'll see.

Is Tom Boonen human? The guy is the second coming of Johan Museuew, or so they say. I sure hope Tom's not an emulator of all of Johan's practices! That would be very unfortunate. However; it sure is amazing that this fellow has dominated the early spring classics like he has. The guy has rock star status in his home country, and a very powerful team behind him. I say, "Enjoy it while it lasts!" These things tend to come and go very quickly. At least he hasn't suffered the "curse of the rainbow jersey"! Whoops! Hope I didn't jinx him!

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