Saturday, April 15, 2006

Nothing Lasts Forever

I was coming home after a tense day at the shop, (What was up with everybody? Weird!) Anyway.......I was riding home when I noticed my rear brake was bouncing off the rim again. Grr! So I stopped and released it. I usually use the front brake anyway. So, I continued on, wondering when I would find the time to adjust that pesky rear brake and to replace the pads again. This was probably the fourth or fifth set that I'd gone through in the last couple of years.

Well, about two blocks from my home......BOOM!.......clatter,clatter, clatter...........!!

When I dismounted I found what I have in the photo for you today. Blown out rim sidewall. I felt the edge of the ripped metal, and it was like a knife edge!

It didn't cause a wreck. That was good! I knew it was about time for these to go, but I thought it would be the front one first, since that is the brake I use 90% of the time. It's a good thing it wasn't the front, as that probably would have wrecked me.

I'd been running this wheelset since I built it back about ten years ago now on several different bikes. I suppose nothing lasts forever! It was one of those pieces of equipment that had always been trouble free for me. Nary any truing and only one broken spoke in almost ten years. That's pretty good, I'd say! I guess I got all the goody out of those wheels that I could, so I shouldn't complain.

Besides, now I have an excuse to build another set! Let's see....time to go shopping!

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