Thursday, April 27, 2006

Oh Crap!

Well, the big topic of discussion has been the weather for Trans Iowa. It's not looking good! Looks like the wind will be above 20mph for the duration and easterly! The absolute worst! Add to that the high probability of rain, and you have a recipe for epic riding conditions. (Dallas Sigurdur's Honda Odyssey is going to get DIRTY!)

I know that there are alot of optimists out there, but this weekend ain't gonna be pretty, even if it doesn't rain as long as there is that head wind. If it does rain, then it'll also be cold, and that means layers. I'll be definitely layering up for a long term exposure to the elements! Last year, I about froze my feet off during the long Saturday/ Sunday night slog in the van trying to keep track of Trans Iowa. I hope it doesn't get that cold!

Okay, enough of that weather talk! We ( Jeff and I) got all the cue sheets sorted last night and tonight we put together the racer bags. I have just about gathered all my course marking materials to use if need be. ( for any possible last minute detours and for "another reason" that I can not mention!) I have to get a few odds and ends at the store. A memory chip for the digi camera, bananas, apples, and that sort of thing. Pack up the meager amount of stuff I need and throw the Inbred in the van and go! Obviously, posting on the blog will be on hiatus until Sunday night at the earliest. Probably Monday! I'll sure be tired after all of this, that much I know! I might post a final goodbye tomorrow. Then, I hope to get my wife involved in posting updates of the event as they happen by calling them in to her. She will then post up the info on on the endurance thread. ( I hope!) We'll see about that!

For now it's off to work at seven am. again to slay more dragons with Mr. 24! OUT!

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