Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gary Fisher 29"er Race News

The Fisher brand of bikes has been on the 29"er forefront for years now, but the race team that is sponsored by Fisher has not been seen on 29"ers very often. That is about to change now.

Here is a picture that has appeared on a few blogs already, showing Jeremy Horgan-Kolbelski on his new 29"er hardtail. The cool thing about this is that now the 29"er format will be piloted by a top notch elite racer at marquee events. Well, at least some of those events! JHK is going to go back and forth between 29"ers and 26"ers depending on the makeup of each course he races at. Wise thing to do as far as I'm concerned.

Another new developement for the Fisher squad is the arrival of the 29"er Race Day full suspension platform. The team mechanics are building up the race bikes now, and soon Cameron Chambers, Nat Ross, and perhaps even JHK himself will be seen racing the new bike. A prototype weighed by a bike shop employee is said to weigh just a bit over 26lbs. That's pretty impressive. Now we'll just have to see how the bikes actually ride, and we'll go from there!

All of this should get 29"ers in front of a lot more peoples eyes and get more people interested in finding out more about the larger wheel format. It will really get crazy if somebody like JHK should happen to win a race on one of these!

Thanks go out today to Mr. 24 for the idea to post about this.

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