Saturday, May 27, 2006

What's Next?

Now that all the early season objectives/ chores have been accomplished it's time to look at the summer months and see what is coming up ahead here at Guitar Ted Labratories.

Right now testing has already commenced on a pair of Exi Wolf Race 29"er tires for an upcoming review on The Biking Hub . I also am a regular contributor to the site and you can find my latest ramblings here. You usually can catch up with the latest that has been posted there from me once a week. Check out the rest of the sites achives for some cool tips, reviews, and other mtb related things from all of the other fine contributors to that site.

Since this guy and that guy have race dates scheduled throughout the summer months, and I work with them, I will be covering for them most of the time and not picking up much in the way of racing myself. I'm planning on some things for the fall months, when the shop business slows down. Until then, I'll be doing some riding up at the Ingawanis Boy Scout Camp and trying to get up to the Decorah area, Sugar Bottom, and some other good Iowa riding spots for reports on where to ride in our state. Look for that coming up this Summer and Fall.

Of course, long gravel grinders will also figure into the mix. Can't forget that. The 12 hours of Cedar Valley is coming up, and that event should give me a chance to score another "Ted-terview" with an area or regional racer of some sort. Plus the always constant rumors. That will provide some fodder from time to time. Speaking of which, Twenty Nine Inches is the site to go to for the latest rumors and product info in regards to the world of big wheeled bikes. I'll sometimes have a post or two on there as well.

Closer to Fall we'll have the Trek Show in Madison, Wisconsin to report from, bringing you the latest in news from Fisher's '07 29"er lineup and Trek's mtb offerings. I also am looking at possibly getting to Inter Bike for even more product overload!

And if nothing else, I can always just rant about what ever strikes my fancy. I seem to find that easy to come by!

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