Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's Knocking On The Door: Fall!

Riding around the area here I've noticed that the signs of the Fall season are upon us. Soon I'll be bustin' out the jackets and gloves to ride to work in. Cool, crisp air is on the way. Bright blue skies freed from moisture and dust. I can't wait! Fall is my favorite time of year to ride off road.

Somewhat akin to my penchant for going on a long summer "Death Ride" every year, Fall brings out the single track epic for me during the year. Usually I'll wait until the colors are primo in the woods and I'll string together all the local singletrack into one big ride. Sometimes I don't hit the right weekend, ( you never know until you are out there) so I have to do it all over again the next weekend! Poor, poor pitiful me!

This year may bring about a different scenario. Certain circumstances have arisen that may cause a change in plans, so stay tuned! I'll probably still get in the traditional , long single track ride, but there is definitely going to be some extra curricular activities. Some of those activities will have to do with this, but not all. Look to this web page for more updates and hints later on this fall!

So, I'm excited and looking forwards to some great rides. I also, as I have written before, am really looking forward to Interbike! I'll say it again: "Interbike- The Year of the 29"er"! This years show will be chock full of 29"er goodness and I am really excited about all the new bikes and gear news coming our way. Of course, I'll be spouting forth all the news and views from my chair here in the Guitar Ted Labratories for your enjoyment. Yep! I'll be stuck here, barring a miracle, since whatever money I can make at the shop will be needed going into winter time and fewer hours at the shop. Hard reality, but the heat doesn't stay turned on because I flew to Vegas, ya know what I mean?

Okay, nuff said 'bout that! I'm patiently awaiting the news from Afton that should be posted later today. Hopefully, it's good stuff.......................

Have a great weekend and ride yer bicycle!

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