Friday, August 25, 2006

My Prediction: 29"ers Are Going Down!

There has been some serious rumor milling going down about some new 29"er hardware that will soon erase the barriers of down hilling and free ride that have kept 29"ers off certain trails. I'm seeing several new developements already, including BCD Racings DH 29"er , Niner's R.I.P. 9, and several new rumblings of frames with D.W. Links and other hoo ha.

What does it all mean? Well, it looks as though the nay-sayers are going to be proven wrong once again. Remember how some folks would say that 29"ers wheels would never hold up? That they weren't tough enough? Well, with the correct equipment, forks , and tires on the way, I think we're going to start seeing a revolution out on the trails. It's going to have big wheels, and they will hold up.

Inter Bike should be an impressive and hopeful time for those of you out there waiting for longer travel, better forks, and meatier tires to go do your all mountain or free riding with. I can't wait to see it too, even though I have about as much use for a five inch travel trail bike as I do another hole in my head! We accomplish much here with little to no suspension on our bikes, but I know that's not the case every where.

Anyway, look for 29"ers to be flying downhill at a trail near you........soon!

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