Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Look, News and Views

What the...............: Yeah, this is Guitar Ted Productions. You haven't lost your mind! I was just as surprised as you probably were when I checked things out here from work on a break. I had thought a bit about an update, and had talked a bit about it with the mad scientist behind Kerkove Media. The next thing I know, it's done! Thanks for the refresh Jeff, and I think the site looks great. What do you think?

Giro From Head To Toe: You are probably familiar with Giro as a helmet company, but did you know that they are launching a line of cycling footwear too? Looks as though it's going to happen according to a news bit on the Bicycling Retailer and Industry News site. Should be interesting to see what they come up with. That's a pretty competitive marketplace, so I hope for their sake that they come up with some cool stuff.

Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational: The days are passing quickly and soon we'll be out grinding 150 miles of limestone. If you are coming and you have not e-mailed me that you are, please do that now! ( ) There are two other points of interest here. 1. The event will be audio-blogged to this site on Saturday the 19th. For those of you who are interested, I'll try to make it interesting to listen to! 2. Sunrise was the start time, which is after 6am, but I'm thinking we should get started at no later than 6am. If you are one of the guys that has e-mailed me that you are coming, I'll be e-mailing this to you as a bulletin.

Trek World: The Trek World show for dealers only is also this weekend. Guitar Ted Labratories has a special secret camera dude that will be at the event. Look for a detailed report coming up next week. Until then, let's all hope that my camera dude can outwit the crafty and cunning Trek Factory Gnome!

In The Still Waiting Department: "It" still hasn't arrived yet. Maybe "it" won't for awhile due to the filling in of pre-orders for other folks. Hmm................I'm wondering now if "it" might not show up for awhile. Okay for now though. There will be plenty of time that way to get the hardware aquisition machine up and running!

Oh yeah! One More Thing!: This guy rocks! If you ever thought that cycling prowess peaked in your thirties and went downhill from there, then you need to check this guy out. He didn't get that message. And neither should you! Rock on hard man!

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