Monday, September 18, 2006

Going To The Show: Prep Time

Here it is, one week to go before I have to board the plane to Las Vegas to see what's going to be happening in the world of 29"ers for 2007 and beyond. So far, since I announced my going, I have had a few contacts with industry folks and have set up a few meetings. I found out that I am to attend the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. I also found out about things you can't take on board airplanes these days. Do we really need to be told that fire arms and hand grenades are no-no's onboard airplanes? Crazy!

The upcoming week will be filled with sundry things like what to pack, how to get to the airport, and other details. I haven't been on a plane since 1996, so I'm probably in for an eye opener when it comes to going through airport security. I'll have to ask Mr. 24 about that. He's the international, jet setter enduro-freak that would know!

Another part to getting ready is setting some goals and pinpointing objectives. It's like setting up a game plan. Part of that is paying attention to what folks seem to want to know about. You know......other than the obvious. I've heard things like, "get info on anything steel", or "I want to know about anything regarding full suspension 29"ers". I've got to be sensitive to that. And yes........if there is any specific requests, make them known! Put up a comment, and I'll do my best to find out about it.

I suppose if there were anything I could request it would be for things I don't want to see. Like more steel, hardtail, do-it-all frames with sliding-modular-adjusto-replaceable dropouts and eccentric bottom bracket, single speed compatible, geared drivetrain, suspension corrected, carbo-uber forked boutique bikes. Please...............enough already! I think a straight forward, geared only, steel or aluminum hardtail with an 80mm travel suspension fork would be a fresh thing in 29"ers. That and some decent full suspension designs, which are happening. It'll be interesting to see where the market goes next.

That's about it for now on the trip preparations. I'll post up a final "Going To The Show" post right before I leave in a week from now.

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