Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Getting Caffeine-ated: Very Soon!

One of this weeks big events is about to happen at the shop where I work. We are expecting a Caffeine 29"er in Raw to be showing up for a short demo ride any day now. This is Cannondale's first foray into the world of big wheels and is a highly anticipated bike. The setup features a Lefty front shock that is specially modified for 29"er use by Cannondale. The Lefty is a pretty unique front shock, and while I have test ridden one before around the property where the bicycle shop is, it'll be fun to see what it can do out on some real trail. I'm told by my co-workers that it is an awesome set up, as they both have Lefty equipped Cannondale Rush bikes.

In the meantime, check out what some riders of The Iceman Cometh Challenge held in Michigan last weekend have to say about the Caffeine 29"er. Cannondale provided several demo bikes to be ridden in the race and several folks took them up on the offer.

Keep your eyes peeled here and on Twenty Nine Inches for the first photos, weights, and impressions out of the box of the Caffeine 29"er!

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