Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Let the Fun Begin!

Here are the very first post cards to show up at the shop for the Trans Iowa Lottery drawing to take place on December 16th.

I suspect that these will be some of the tamer and more public viewing friendly cards that we will recieve. Thatis, if all the threats we have read on the web are to be believed!

Here's our little Box of Voo Doo that all the entry cards are going to go into.

I also suspect that this box is a bit too small....

I'll have to get to work on the El Grande' Box o Voo Doo I suppose, before it's too late!

So, this is what it's all about for Jeff and I........FUN. If it isn't going to be fun for us, and hopefully for you out there, this Trans Iowa thing will be done in a heartbeat. People wonder why we do things the way we do, and honestly, it's two things. Because we believe it's the best way, and it's FUN. We are not asking anyone to buy into our ideas. We aren't even asking you to buy anything this year! We just want to provise a kick in the junk challenge that is a good time for all. Well, alot of it is up to you and your attitude, but we are doing our best provide something cool.

And speaking of providing something cool.................

Have you checked out the website? We have recieved sponsorship again from the fine folks at Surly, Cannondale, Hammer Gel, and first time sponsor, Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. Whiskey? Yep! T.I. competitor Dave Nice got us hooked up, (Thanks!) and actually had a bit o the stuff with him this past spring. I must say, it's a smooth draw if your into whiskey at all. Much better than alot of stuff out there, in my opinion. Anyway, it's great to have them on board with the other fine sponsors, which always blows me away. I mean, we're just a couple of crazy knuckleheads out here in Iowa putting on an event that gets these guys to sponsor us? I have to pinch myself sometimes. Thanks to all of you companies and the people behind them. You're great!

So, sit back with me now and watch the post cards roll in! It should be fun, and I'll keep ya'all updated from time to time here.

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