Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pass The Fork, Please.

Note: This post also appeared on Twenty Nine Inches. Check out the comments section for more dialogue on this issue.

There are several sources telling me that Fox is in the process of designing and testing a new platform for a 29 inch wheeled specific front fork. This would probably be an ‘08 release at the soonest. The details of such a fork are still a mystery other than to say that it has been indicated to us that it will have a “29″er specific crown”, which we take it to mean that the offset will be greater than the typical 38mm found on 26″er forks.

This will be a highly anticipated fork for 29″er afficiandos and should have a wider appeal to those thinking about trying out a 29″er for the first time. Fox is a highly respected fork in the 26″er ranks and would be a welcome addition for those looking for a high quality front fork on a 29″er.

Along with Manitou’s expected release of a 29″er front fork, the ‘08 model year could be the “Year of the Fork” for 29″er freaks everywhere. Stay tuned for more updates as I recieve them.

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