Friday, December 15, 2006

The Final Cut or T.I. Day of Reckoning

The nail biting and pacing back and forth in front of computer monitors across North America has already begun. "Am I going to be in?" "Did they get my card?" "Did they get my package with 300 cards?" (yes..............Really!) "Will they miss my Dad's cards because we have the same name?" "My brother and I both want in, will they pick us together?"

And so on, and so on.

Well, it all comes to a screeching halt this weekend. Trans Iowa will have a roster set by 2pm on Saturday. Some might be included, maybe others......."will be in the outer darkness where there will be gnashing of teeth." Will there even be a lottery? That's the biggest question right now.

That will be determined at about noon today, when I will make a special announcement on the subject. I'll probably post it via the Endurance forum, since doing it on Blogger Beta from work on a ten year old computer would be asking for, well.........a huge headache for one thing! That is, if I didn't crash the thing in the process. Look for the announcement on MTBR first, that's easiest for me to do right now. Noon o'clock, CST, okay?

This is going to mess up alot of lunch times, I bet!

In other goings on, I have two very important birthdays this weekend to attend to. My wife's and my daughter's. You don't miss those! That and it's my weekend to play on the git-box at church, so this Trans Iowa stuff is going to be tough to fit in. A busy weekend in anybodies book!

Okay, so let the madness of the weekend begin!

If you can ride your bike, do it! We have no excuse here. It'll be about 50 degrees today and tomorrow, which is unheard of in the Mid-West. I'll do my best to turn some pedals over myself!


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