Friday, December 29, 2006

Onward Through The Fog!

Note: Today's post is the last in the series of posts that involves retrospective looks at things involving Guitar Ted Productions. "Regular" rantings will begin again starting tomorrow.

Today I'm looking at '07 and thinking, "What in the world have I done!!?" I've got some mighty big gigs going down next year and the fun won't stop all year long, seemingly. Here's a quick rundown of events that Guitar Ted Productions is putting on, or is a part of: Trans Iowa V3: the third annual and so far, the most awesome edition of the event is coming up in April. This will take up alot of my waking hours between now and then. Sea Otter: The annual race and exposistion, also in April. Just before Trans Iowa, Twenty Nine Inches is planning on attending this event and covering the introductions of product there. April is obviously going to be a month that will make me go crackers!

In May, I plan on getting down to Kansas again for the Dirty Kanza 200, which I have some unfinished business with! June is going to be all about the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo in Decorah, Iowa. An event that centers around a gathering of 29"er nutcases and featuring demo rides and trails to check out, along with some specific fun stuff I can not mention as of yet. Oh yeah, this is a Twenty Nine Inches event, primarily.

July brings the second Guitar Ted Death Ride. The route is semi set in stone and I will be trying to get out and drive/ride it to check it out to verify it over the early spring. Look for announcements here and at the event site.

August has not been scheduled with any evnts or goings on. That's a good thing!

September is Interbike and I'll be doing the Twenty Nine Inches coverage again. Then there is the fall and early winter, but I haven't looked out that far yet.

As for this blog in particular, there might be some very big changes in store. Depending upon whether or not some serious dollars start rolling in for a certain gig I can not mention yet, you may see less or a change of content concerning this blog. And if the finances don't materialize for the other thing, then the focus here will not change, but will get even sharper. I am not sure which way things will go yet, but 2007 sure looks to be an exciting year, and many changes may happen. Right now all I can say is what I have planned and have already mentioned might just pale in comparison. Stay tuned! Whatever happens, 2007 should be alot of fun!

Oh yeah! I made a Top Ten List. Check it out. Many of the folks on the list are also highlights of my year, especially meeting these fabric-meisters from Minny-apple-puss. Listen up and be amazed!

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