Friday, April 20, 2007

The Pictures and More

I finally got a device to download my pictures from my camera. (Thanks Captain Bob!) Here we have the items that I picked up at the Trek/ Fisher product launch in Santa Cruz, California.

These are the Tubeless Ready Bontrager Dry X tires. The weight on my samples is 620 grams each, which is super light for a 2.1" 29"er tire.

The tires are mounted up and I will give a report soon.

Here is the new Rhythm Pro saddle. These are aimed at the trail rider looking for a tough, durable part that is still reasonably light weight. This saddle comes in at 260 grams, which I'd say is more than reasonable. Especially if my bum likes it, which I aim to find out soon. Stay tuned.

Here's the Rollbar multi tool that will supplant the Wrench Force one currently available. This guy is awesome! I have been using it on my bikes at home and I have instantly declared it to be the nicest multi tool in the world because it feels so good in my hands. This tool will not cause pain and feels good even when pushing hard on it while tightening various bolts on my bikes. It's got a key ring on it, which may or may not thrill you and I still wish it had a Torx tool for disc brake bolts. Other than that, I'd say it's perfect. These are due out in June. Getcher self sum! You won't use any other multi toll after using this one, really. It's that good!

Finally, here is the new Trek Incite digital computer. Digital transmission of all cycling data means no wires, stronger signal for more placement options, and no cross talk with other folks gear or interferance from high tension electrical wires.

This thing is a Pandora's box of data! It's got heart rate, altitude, cadence, and a bunch of other stuff. Better keep your eyes up the road and not on this thing! The cool feature is that the numbers, ( which I couldn't generate for the photo) are displayed in a big enough font for the speed that you can get a quick glance in and still know how fast you were going when you pipped your buddy at the stop sign. I like the temperature feature too. It's on an older Trek computer I have and that feature has tipped me off to increase water consumption more than once. I've been on rides where the starting temperature was ten degrees lower than it was an hour into the ride, and that makes a big difference sometimes in how I approach my hydration and nutrition. Anyway, this should be a fun computer to check out.

Trans Iowa course final check is going to take place tomorrow. I'll file a report on various web places. Attrition to the roster has brought us down from 126 to 108 currently. If you are not coming, please e-mail your intentions, so I don't have to lug up more than I need to Decorah. Thanks!

Next week will be mostly stuff leading up to Trans Iowa, so be prepared for some posts slanted towards that event for a bit.

Have a great weekend and ride dat bike!

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