Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bontrager "Dry X" Tubeless Ready Tires: Fast!

The Bontrager Dry X tires that I recieved at Sea Otter are mounted and have the Super Juice sealant inside them now. As you can see, the casing width is generous for a racing tire.

This is inflated to 35psi by the way

Here is a shot showing the tread width at the widest point across the knobs.

The casing has a very rounded profile. This allows for a smaller part of the tire to contact the ground if you use higher pressures. I wouldn't suggest this though, as the tire rolls quite well as it is.

One impression about the Tubeless Ready System is that it's a tight fit! The tire interface with the rim is the tightest by a long shot in the 29"er world and ranks amongst the tightest fits for any off road tire I have ever worked with.

The second impression is: These tires and wheels are fast! The reduced weight is immediately felt and the rolling resistence of the Dry X is lower than most tires I have tried. Only a well worn XR Bontrager tire rolls any better!

A dirt session is forth coming and afterwards I will post a more thorough report on Twenty Nine Inches. Stay Tuned!

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