Sunday, May 20, 2007

No Gravel For Me

Well, this was the weekend of Dirty Kanza. I was supposed to go down, but a request from a friend to play in their wedding made it impossible for me to join in the gravely goodness. Now, I wonder what in the heck went on down there! It's late Sunday and no stories yet! You'd think that somebody would have taken a cue from my audio-blogging last year and given us some sort of updates by now! Sheesh! Do I have to do everything? ( Just kidding, ya'all!)

I did get a ride in on the Willits fork Friday with Mr.24. I have to do some more testing on it, but it does do some vertical flexing. There is definitely something going on there. I had to conjure up the old, rusty steel fork riding skills again after getting dumped once from riding it like a carbon fork.

The trails at the Boy Scout Camp were in a state of uber-roughness. The XC race left several tracks so rutty that you couldn't really choose a line, it was chosen for you! Then there were the roots exposed from washed away soil which weren't there last time I rode. All in all a great test for the fork.

Mr. 24 was running a silly skinny XC rear tire that was getting knocked off line all the time. His front was the same and finally that end made it's unstable presence known by knocking ol' Jeff to the turf right in front of me. I about took him out by almost running right over him! That would have been ironic. Guitar Ted takes out Mr. 24 by rolling him over with his 29"er tires! Uhh..........sorry dude! Thankfully it didn't come to that.

I did my part today by getting the Burley Flat Bed trailer out and hauling my bass and equipment to church to play today. I forgot I even had the thing until the other day when I uncovered it from the pile of bike frames and tires that had collected on it. Now I'll use it more often. Especially in the face of what I'm seeing everyday as I commute past two gas stations on my way to work and back. (It can be done with a bike! It can be done with a bike! It can be done with a bike!.....[repeat as necessary])

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