Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Some Observations

Today's post is a random selection of takes on some various subjects in the cycling world.

Operation Stupidity: The roadie scene gets even more bizarre by the minute. Now we come to find out that Ivan Basso, the heir apparent to the Tour crown back in 2005, was associated with that infamous doping ring, or accused doping ring, or whatever! At any rate, it's obvious that another road cycling icon has been thrown down from his pedestal. What next? A suspicious use of smelling salts by domestiques? Sprinters caught snorting blow just before the line?

How stupid does this have to get before everybody stops watching and there is no money left in it for the UCI, ASO, WADA, and any other evil acronym of cycling? Maybe then and only then we can get back to watching guys actually race bikes, as opposed to wondering who the next dopers will be, and what series is legit, and so on and so on.............

Trans Iowa: The 2007 Book Is Closed: I went over some final details on Trans Iowa for this year. I am pretty happy about how it all went down. The number one goal was to have a great event where lots of folks could finish. The weather co-operated and the mission was accomplished. 24 finishers out of 64. Then the other goal was to account for all riders. With the great co-operation of the folks involved, that mission was also accomplished. Huzzah! The accolades and thanks were tremendous. Everyone involved, with one notable exception, was extremely thankful and gracious this year. That made all my hard work that much easier to take. Thanks to all of you who took the time out to make an effort to say thanks. I appreciate that more than you know.

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo News: I'm hearing that Jeff O'Gara, (one of the fine Decorah folks working to bring you this event) has gone before the Decorah City Council and got the permission to allow camping on some city owned land about a 100 yards from the trail head we are using for the Ballyhoo. That's a huge piece of the puzzle needed to make this thing work. I also am still planning on getting up there this Sunday, even though it's Mother's Day, to get a ride in on some of the trail we will be using up there. More news as I can gather it will be posted here.

Nice dry weather on the horizon here. Let's hope things dry out quickly! I need some dirt time!

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