Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday News and Views

GTDRI Recon: Tomorrow I am going on the recon mission for the upcoming Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational. Hopefully I can ride this thing this year! I haven't had any real long gravel grinders at all this year, so I'll be going into this one pretty green. Too many things going on this year have kept me on shorter trail rides, which isn't all bad. I mean, at least I've been doing some real dirt riding. Now it's time to get my gravel freak on, and do it in a hurry! I'll be back on Monday with a full report.

I Said No No No Nooo I Don't Inject It No More..... I haven't been watching the Tour, really! However, these headlines having to do with doping and suspicion of doping are putting another black eye on this cycling event out here where the casual observers are. I'm having a look see at what the average cyclists out there think, you know..... The folks that aren't addicted to that race. Well, it's not good, as far as the perception of things goes. Certainly, the fued between the ASO and the UCI is tearing down any support for competitive road cycling in the eyes of your average cyclist, albeit they don't even know or care about that fued. Nice! Once again, the actions of a few ruin it for everybody else.

Badger!: Yup! One of the original Secret Project Bikes, the Badger I had commissioned is done. Well........the frame and fork are done, I still have to build the thing up yet. Heck, I don't even have it here yet! So, don't get all impatient with me. Pictures and the like will be forth coming. I will say that there might be a bonus project that might just show up along side the Badger, so stay tuned!

RST M-29: I have finally gotten back to riding after a few days of down pours. I got to put the RST fork through it's first test ride yesterday and hopefully I'll be well on my way to breaking it in after this weekend. Things are good so far, but I'll not report fully just yet. Look for an update on Twenty Nine Inches soon.

Speaking of Twenty Nine Inches, you should click the link and check out all the latest info we have slammed in there lately. Cannondale, Raleigh, Bontrager, and WTB news to name a few things. Much more is coming, so stay tuned here and there for any newsy bits worth looking at.

In the meantime........ride, ride, ride!

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