Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm Not Alone Anymore!

No.....this isn't some e-harmonious crap-ola testamonial! It's about riding bicycles, specifically 29"ers, so anyone checking this out based on a search engine result won't get misled. Ha ha!

This is a story about me and riding 29"ers. You see, I first started riding my Karate Monkey back in 2003 when the initial wave of Campstove Green KM's hit. I was an outcast, weird, experimentalist back then, ( still am! ) but now days I don't seem quite so strange.

As you know by now, the whole 29"er thing is pretty much a mainstream thing amongst enthusiasts. Sure, your casual cycling buddies might still be hearing about it for the first time, but even those folks will have seen, or at least heard of a 29"er before very long. This has made a change in my life that I only just now have come to realize.

I have 29"er owning riding buddies.

I know, it's a moment of "the obvious" (Doh!), but I hadn't really thought about it. I know quite a few folks now that are full on 29"er freaks. I'm not alone! Just how has this "new" revelation affected me?

Well, I think it's no big deal, really. In fact, that's why I probably didn't figure it out until now. Why shouldn't more people be riding these things? I think it's only natural, not some big "movement". Not some sort of underground, secret handshake society thing. Don't laugh! Some guys think about it that way on both sides of the debate!

Whatever......having guys and gals to ride with is alot of fun, and many of them just happen to be on 29"ers. I guess in some ways I do feel a bit more "justified" in my choice, but I'm really glad that 29"ers are making off roading more fun for more people.

And that's the bottom line, really.

p.s.: Check out the Guitar Ted Death Ride site for updates. August 4th is coming soon!

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