Monday, October 01, 2007

Getting In Gear Again

Looks like Interbike was a successful trip in terms of possibly getting some new gear in to review on here and Twenty Nine Inches. Look for some stuff to be trickling in over the next few months. In the meantime, getting in gear will have a different meaning.

I'm going to be very busy the rest of this month. Getting in some test time, having family in from out of town, and working on getting ready for winter will take up every waking moment. Not to mention all the post Interbike articles floating around my head that needs to be written out.

Speaking of winter, did you see the forecast for next weekend? Yep! Snow! Not that it will happen, but that possibility has crept in already and will be with us for at least the next six months now. Days are shorter now too, so I'm hoping my new lights show up that I ordered awhile back, although I hear they are still on back order. I may have to make do with the ol' Turbo Cats!

And another "gear"category I'll need to be getting into. Winter/cold weather stuff. Time to break out all the cold weather gear, take an inventory and see what needs replacing or what I may be lacking. I think a new set of gloves will need to be gotten soon for cooler weather. I roached my gloves out in Bootleg Canyon last week. Guess it was time to finally lay them to rest.

Yep! It's time to gear up and get down! Soon it will be too cold/snowy to do much trail riding. I want to get in some rides before it's too late!

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