Monday, December 03, 2007

Oh Yeah........It's Icy!!

In case you were wondering, my "sandy" sleet melded into a sheet of ice overnight. The first step is a doozy, as they say, and I went for a doozy of a fall down my front steps. First thing out the door on Sunday too. I landed right on my right forearm and slid all the way down to the sidewalk. Ouch!

Thought I might have landed hard enough to do some damage but I'm just banged up. I'm missing a little piece off the top layer of my skin there, that's all. That was through three layers of clothing!

So, my plans to do a little ride were put off until later to see if I was all right or not. Then, we had quite a squall around 11:00am. So, I put it off until after lunch. Well, by this time my wife was having none of me going out on the ice, so I didn't push the issue.

I see that ol' Blue is still running about though, and while reading about his exploits I saw a mention of his desire to put on a little fun winter time cyclo-cross race on ice and snow. I hope he does it, because I spent some of Sunday throwing together a bike for it! Studded tires and all. Well, no pressure on him. If he doesn't do this I'll still get out and ride this old rig any way, just for the fun of it. I'd like to swap out the handle bar and stem yet, so I'm not quite there, but soon!

Maybe what I really need is one of these steeds so if I get lost out in Hartman Reserve I can start my own campfire! I still can't get over a bike that carries white gas in its frame tubes. Crazy stuff! The right tool for that job though, I suppose.

If we have all of this ice, snow, and freezing temperatures already, this may turn out to be a long, dreary winter. I have some nice new trails to consider for next year though. I know a guy over in Prarie Du Chein that has uncovered a bunch of sweet single track right in his own backyard. He also has some killer gravel loops out that way. I guess I'm going to have to swing over there next year sometime for a taste. Looks fantastic.

Okay, it's looking like another day without the bike! Schools delayed two hours, sub 10 degree temps, and ice all over the streets. It's all conspiring against my demented plan to ride my bicycle! Well, there is always tomorrow, but then again......I see another storm taking aim at us! Ahhhh!!!! When will I get to ride again!

Heck, maybe it'll snow enough for XC skis and I won't have to worry about the bike for awhile!

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