Friday, March 07, 2008

So, What Else Is New?

Well, funny you should ask.....

I just got a couple Continental Mountain King 2.4" tires in to test/review. (Check out the specs and my initial take here.) These will be going on my Industry 9 single speed wheels which in turn should be going on one of the two bikes going to Texas with me.

I can't say yet what that bike is, but here is a riddle to help you guess.

It has something in common with a six pack of beer. It has something in common with the coming season of the year. It has a name on the top tube which is beautiful to hear. What am I?

Let the guessing begin!

I'll be doing some testing on that rig with those Conti tires. The other bike will be the Hi Fi Deluxe which should be an excellent rig for the rocky, loose conditions of the trail I am going to tackle down there. I want to run some sealant in the tires and I have a plan on that front in the works. Should prove to be fool proof.

So, now it's time to tune up the Hi Fi, and wait for the other rig to show up here next week right before I leave. Hopefully the car, the bike, and myself all converge on readiness at the same time. That would be really cool!

Other than that, not much else new going on 'round here!

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