Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday News And Views

Video Killed The Radio Star: In another story on how technology affects our lives, it seems that our instant messaging, always connected lives has affected RAGBRAI of all things. We had several folks in the shop where I work yesterday that had stopped riding RAGBRAI on Wednesday. Why? Because they had access to the latest forecasts by way of their techno-gizmos and saw that there was a high probability of thunderstorms on the route Thursday. So, they bailed.

Now back ten years ago, this never would have happened. All of these folks would have gotten up on Thursday and ridden like lemmings right into the deluge. RAGBRAI would have kept its numbers up for the entire week regardless. Now the weather is affecting the event even more than in years past because of technology. Maybe RAGBRAI will ban personal electronic devices in the future and make them ride old skool. ha ha!

Camp Ingawanis News: Okay......I still have not ridden out there in 2008! I can't believe this, but it is what it is. Anyway, this isn't about me. The Camp has always been a divided land mass with the creek running through it. The plan was to have it connected by some sort of bridgework, which hasn't come to fruition......yet. So, I have only ridden the south side once. That may change very soon as word comes that the south side has been expertly cleared and groomed for mountain bikes. I'll be checking it out real soon and I will report after I do.

Another Sign: I got a comment on my carbon fiber post from the other day that stated essentially that the mere fact that investments into carbon fiber 29"er frames are being seen tells us that the industry believes in the concept and that 29"ers are doing well. Well enough to spend the big bucks on tooling and manufacturing costs. Another sign that 29"ers are no longer a "fad", niche, or going away anytime soon. Not that I needed anymore signs. I just find it interesting that about three years ago, this wasn't the case at all.

And if that isn't enough.... Wait until Interbike, a mere two months away, and you will see even more solid signs that 29"ers are being heavily invested in. Not just "carpet fibre" either, but in many other ways. Some of them may surprise you! Sorry, I can't say more right now, but hold on......

Okay, that's all I am going to let on to today, so have a great weekend and ride your bikes!

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