Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday News And Views

On Drop Bars For MTB's: Thanks for the couple of suggestions that I did get for topics on this upcoming post. I will be posting my thoughts on this again Starting Monday, so look for that.

Cross Racing On Live Streaming Internet T.V.: I get press releases all the time about cycling related stuff, most of which is outside of my focus, but this one I thought I'd pass along as I know a lot of you folks are into clodding around on road bikes in the mud. How about some Belgian cyclo-cross madness live on your inner-web-o-sphere idiot box? Check this out:

From Sunday October 12th on, Belgian TV Channel VT4 presents live streaming of the Superprestige Cyclo-cross races. This means everybody can watch the race online on

Thanks to the huge success of last year’s cyclo-cross on VT4, the Belgian (Flemish) TV-channel decided to extend the contract with the organizers of the Superprestige for three more years, with an option for a fourth year. VT4 also retains the two evening stages in Ruddervoorde and Diegem. In Ruddervoorde, the race starts at 5 PM (start broadcasting at 4.30 PM). In Diegem the start will be postponed to 5.30 PM (start broadcasting at 5 PM). All other races start at 3 PM, with start broadcasting at 2.30 PM and ending around 4.20 PM.

Overview of all Superprestige races 2008-2009:

Ruddervoorde (Belgium) Sunday October 12th

Eerde-Veghel (Netherlands) Sunday November 2nd

Hamme-Zogge (Belgium) Sunday November 23rd

Gavere (Belgium) Sunday November 16th

Gieten (Netherlands) Sunday November 30th

Diegem (Belgium) Sunday December 28th

Hoogstraten (Belgium) Sunday February 8th

Vorselaar (Belgium) Sunday February 15th

Okay? So there ya go. Mark your calendars. I have no idea if the times listed are Belgian, but I would assume so seeing as how these events are being broadcast live. In that event, I'd figure on about a 7 hour difference for CST. If that is the case, a lot of you will be missing church on those mornings, eh?

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Edge Composites Hoops Arrive: In gear news, I can announce now that Twenty Nine Inches just received a pair of Edge Composites XC carbon fiber 29"er hoops that will be laced up and tested for the site. Yes.....carpet fibre.....and they are light! I will now need to procure some uber-light type of hub to begin the wheel lacing process with. Stay tuned to Twenty Nine Inches where all the details will be laid out for you.

24 Hours Of Moab This Weekend: The last big 24 hour event of the year kicks off tomorrow in Utah. The 24 Hours of Moab is claiming one of the most stacked fields in its long history. Is this not the defacto Worlds of 24 hour racing now? Well, however that plays out for you, the event promises to be brutal with forecasts calling for high winds, rain, and perhaps even snow! J-kove, (formerly known as Mr. 24) is there with his Ergon goods at the expo area. Check out his blog for the exciting blow by blow. It could be an epic race, and it could just be plain ol' epic!

Cure For The Stock Market Blues: Number One: STOP WATCHING THE NEWS!!! There isn't a thing you can do to change it, and watching/listening will only make you go bonkers, or send you to the deep dark hole of depression. Number Two: Ride yer dang bicycle, fer cryin' out loud! Nothing cleanses the mind and soul like a good hard ride on your favorite pavement or dirt loop. Number Three: Just wait it out, it'll all work itself out given some time. The focus on the "nanosecond" will only make you go blind.

Okay, that's my armchair psychologist advice for ya'all. Probably worth what you are paying for it here, but that's my take. Get out and ride! Quit yer snivelin'! Have some fun already.

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