Monday, November 03, 2008

Adventuring In Minneapolis

This Tuesday and Wednesday I am scheduled for an adventure in Minneapolis with Captain Bob. We are going to vote and then bug outta town on what should be quite the overnight excursion. The first part of the trip I can tell you about, but the second I can't......not yet! I don't quite have any idea of just what is going to happen on Wednesday other than the fact that I will be riding a bicycle. More on that in a minute.

First we have a Tuesday coming up that should prove to be probably the very last really nice day of 2008. And Captain Bob and I have it off! Wahoo! The festivities begin with a short stop over at Milltown Cycles to say hello to my friend Ben Witt and drop off something there. Then it is on to Murphy Hanrahan for some single speed action with Captain Bob aboard the Soul Cycles Dillinger and I aboard the trusty Blackbuck. We'll hook up with Twin Six honch Brent Gale for some action at Lebanon Hills if he hasn't already tracked us down at Murph. After riding festivities will continue with dinner and hanging out until 9pm when our host for Wednesday's madness takes us in. That would be Jason Boucher of Salsa Cycles fame.

Jason has a mad plan of attack that he is keeping close to his vest. All I know is that it involves Fargos, early morning riding in the dark, and...........???? (This isn't helping him shed the "Cagey McCagerson" tag, I'll tell ya that much!) All I can say is you'll have to tune in next Thursday for the lowdown.

Tuesday you'll get the "Touring Tuesdays" installment, but Wednesday will be a late, late post, if I post at all. You've been warned! Don't sit there refreshing your page waiting to see if I posted on Wednesday!

Okay, that's all I know. See ya Thursday! Go Vote!

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