Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shop Projects

I was working on a few projects in my "lab" down in the basement here at Guitar Ted Laboratories. I am trying to get one done, another one rolling again, and the other is pretty much ready to roll.

Project Lightweight Dos Niner: This is the project I need to get rolling on. I have to procure some parts yet, but this will be a fun project to see how light I can make this rig. I already have some carbon bits and I'll be getting more for it soon! I would like to see it go below 25lbs, but I have no idea what the lower limit will be. (Probably limited by funds!)

Project Black and White: This is the revitalization of my Raleigh XXIX+G. I am going to have this one up and running by the end of the weekend. It features an Origin 8 fork with white crown and drop outs, white Quad brake levers and calipers, and a white KORE B-52 stem. I put a red Acros head set on it as well, which goes with the red accents on the frame. Look for pics soon.

Project 20mm Thru-axle: This one is done. In combination with the Rock Shox Reba test on Twenty Nine Inches , I had to convert my Hope Pro II front hub to 20mm through axle compatibility. I got the parts in and found out the switch over was really easy. I mounted the fork up and got everything set for a first ride, which should take place on Sunday afternoon.

Pictures will follow..............stay tuned!

A note on Trans Iowa V5: The roster should pass the half full mark today after I get the mail at the shop. That will conclude the "vets only" portion of the registration. If e-mail contacts are any indication, Monday's mail bag should be stuffed with T.I. entries. Tuesday should see us approach full capacity, and I'm betting that by Wednesday the roster will be filled. You've been warned!

More T.I. info, sponsor news, and general chit-chat to come. Stay tuned!

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