Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trans Iowa V5: More Details

<===Another one of my favorite T.I. images, this one from T.I.V3. The water crossing wasn't planned, but added to the epic nature of that years event.

Here are some more bits for ya'all to chew on regarding the running of T.I.V5 next May.

Overall Distance: It looks like as of now that we are going to be sitting just shy of 320 miles at 319.2. This is tentative and is still subject to change, although probably not dramatically.

Overall Time Allotment: As of this writing we are considering what would be the most time ever allotted to finish this length of course. The reason? This course will most likely be the most difficult one we have thrown at Trans Iowa participants yet. Even if the weather is perfect, it will still rank as probably the toughest course ever for Trans Iowa, and what are the odds of having perfect weather? Yeah......that's what I thought! So we are giving you extra time over and above what I normally would to complete the course. (Last time I did this, we did have perfect weather!)

Checkpoints: There will be three checkpoints this time around. We are tweaking things up a bit to change the complexion of the race. We feel it will make things more exciting, more challenging, and easier for us to keep track of everyone. There will be cutoff times for each checkpoint that will be announced later.

Notes on the course: As I mentioned, this time the course will be tough. We have quite the mix of rolling hills, huge hills, and B maintenance roads. There will be a couple of sections of mind numbingly flat and potentially windy sections. We are also relieved and happy to say that we have cut out about 4 miles of pavement since the recon by re-routing the course a bit.

As for inclement weather: We have re-route plans for certain sections susceptible to bad weather/rain. Additionally, we are confident that the historic floods of '08 are quite unlikely to occur again next spring, but if they did, our course should be okay. Barring a goofy winter, like we had last year, the roads should survive intact into the spring of '09. Then again, anything could happen! We can only do so much in preparation.

Lodging and Pre-Race: We have a tentative agreement with the Best Western Motel in Williamsburg to give T.I.V5 participants a reduced rate on rooms. The deal will take effect if we can get 10 rooms filled. Here are the details: Double occupancy King Bed Room $80.91 + tax. Double occupancy 2 Queens Room $89.91 +tax. Call them at 319/668-9777 to make a reservation and make sure you mention Trans Iowa when you reserve your room.

This will also help us out with the pre-race details. Since Williamsburg doesn't have any establishments ready to take on a crew of our size without charging d.p. and myself a rental fee for a room, we are not going to do a pre-race meet and greet deal. We will be doing our pre-race packet hand out at The Best Western in the lobby instead. (If we can get more of you in The Best Western, we might be able to have a meet and greet, but we can not plan for it.) the actual pre-race meeting will be held just prior to the start at 3:40am Saturday, May 2nd, 2009! Regardless, you will still need to pick up your race packets in the Lobby of the Best Western Friday May 1st, or you won't be starting.

These details are tentative! This is still subject to some tweaking, (in terms of the course/times/checkpoints) or radical change (the pre race details) . Stay tuned to the T.I.V5 website for confirmation of these things which should be within the next two weeks.

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