Monday, February 23, 2009

Frostbike 2009- Part II

<===Greek style pizza, beer, and an Ultegra seat post. Looks good to me!

Carrying on now from the last post, we finally decided what to order from one of the five pizza joints in Northfield. Seems that years ago a Greek family started a pizza joint. One broke away and started another pizza joint, and so on until now there are five Greek styled pizza joints in Northfield. Who'da thunk it?

I will say it was a mighty tasty pie! So was the Summit Torpedo IPA! That was some mighty fine brew. Well, they all tasted pretty dang good after the fourth or fifth one, but I digress.......

<===Marty Larson in quiet repose under the hallowed bulletin board.

So it wasn't long after the pizza arrived that Marty Larson of the Prairie Pedaler and a friend of his joined us for the festivities. We repaired to the back room and "The Couch" for beers and conversation at the insistence of Ben, who had the wisdom to tell us to sit down.

We all started to trade stories and I went off wandering around a bit after I got a phone call from home. (Had to talk to my kids a bit)

The other guys chatted and looked over the vintage flyers from modern mountain bikings pioneer days.

<=== Here's a rare one from the Appetite Seminar, which I gathered was a Thanksgiving Day ride out there in Marin.

<===One of several Repack flyers that Mike collected over the years.

<===A look at some more of the flyers. There were some that were three and four deep on the bulletin board!

Next time (Wednesday) I'll post up Part III f our Friday night hijinx...........

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