Thursday, April 30, 2009

Final Preparations

Trans Iowa is about to gear up and blast off into the Iowa hinterlands. Here are a few things that are going on.......

Check down to the post following this one for a preview of Trans Iowa radio. I give a little hint as to what the course is looking like. Trans Iowa Radio is just a fun little thing I do, not a totally serious news report. I have had folks freaking out at home thinking husbands died, or were lost in a LaBrea-like tar pit/B road when I forgot to mention a significant others name in a post. Look, I run this thing outta pocket, eat beef jerky for hours, and am buzzed out on a continuous flow of Red Bull during the course of a day and a half with no sleep what so ever. Do ya think I might not be coherent after a bit?

I try. I really do, but there is a lot going on other than my follies with audio-blogging, so please do not rely on info on your loved one from me on Trans Iowa Radio. I'll do my best reporting I can do under the circumstances, but I don't promise anything but a little entertainment and some feel for how the event unfolds.

So there is my disclaimer! You've been warned!

Prizing trickles in and tomorrow is the last delivery day I can take stuff in, 'cause Friday in the morning I'm off to inspect roads and make my way over to Williamsburg, IA. The Dirty Blue Box will be reeling under the weight of goodies and equipment, so I'll be packing light and freezing at night.

Cue sheets are done, volunteers are set, and some folks are still e-mailing in wanting in this event! (Sorry! Too late now!) Crazy stuff, and I don't pretend to understand it all.

Okay, that's all from my end. Friday will be a short post, or no post at all. I will probably let the Trans Iowa Radio posts take over at that point. Remember- oldest posts will be down the page- newest at the top!

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