Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday News And Views

It is the end of another week. (The middle of May already!!) Here are some things to check out and chew on before you run out for the weekend to ride your bicycle.

You are going to ride your bicycle.......right??

Bike To Work Day: Yeah......that's today! I hope you did it, but if you didn't know, then make your own "Bike to Work Day" next week. Heck, the whole month of May is "Bike Month", so do something good for yourself and the world by pedaling somewhere you normally don't go by bicycle to. Renting a movie? Go by bike. Getting a gallon of "moo-juice"? Go by bike. You get the picture.

Single Speed Nation: I get to test bicycles for this site and this one too, but I've noticed a trend to getting involved with single speed bikes since last year. First it was the Soul Cycles Dillinger (which ended up being Captain Bob's, admittedly) , then it was the Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29"er, and followed closely by that was a Misfit Psycles diSSent. Now I have a Lynskey Ridgeline single speed in for testing plus I obtained another rare single speed 29"er for the stable. I already have to Karate Monkey, and the Raleigh Rainier. Whew! That's a lot of one geared love!

I do have geared bikes too, and of course, almost all of these bicycles I mentioned can be set up geared, but I thought this was a bit weird when I stopped to think about it the other day.

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo Update: I had linked to the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo site the other day, but now I have obtained the original Big Wheeled Ballyhoo site too. I got that updated with some info and also added a clickable trail map to Potter's Pasture on both sites. Check it out. Now there are two sites to "catch flys" with, so hopefully the word will get spread. Keep in mind that the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo is on for October 10th-11th, so there is lots of time to get that on your schedule if you want to ride around with some big wheeled freaks!

I'll have more updates on this and GTDRI coming soon. Until then, keep pedalling!

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