Monday, June 15, 2009

The Iowa Jungle Scene

<===Ragin' Vege down at The Camp's south side.

I got out for a bit on the Lynskey Performance titanium single speed Sunday on the Camp's south side. It was a really nice day, but in the woods the plants have definitely taken over. I see where some mowing has been started though, so I suspect that it may not stay overgrown for long!

The nettles are alive though. My stinging legs let me know that much!

<===I think I have it figured out now.

I have got to say that this titanium frame is a hoot to ride. I love hammering out of the saddle on it, and down hills are so fun, even though it is rigid up front.

One thing that has haunted me though is a "pop" that happens when I am hammering uphill. I suspected too much flex, slipping drop outs, and a bad chain, all of which I had eliminated from the equation. Today, the "pop" came back. I looked and looked it over, trying to diagnose the noise.

Well, I guess I overlooked something I thought I checked and eliminated earlier. The chainline is slightly off. Just enough that when I do hammer and flex the frame just so, the chain binds and pops. Well, I guess I know how to fix that, but not in the field, and certainly not with all the mosquitoes that were flying around out there.

So I went out and did some gravel hills and then called it a day. A good outing though. I felt the best I have in over two weeks with the sinus clearing up.....finally!

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