Saturday, September 05, 2009

An End And A Beginning

<===This spider was like a glowing golden orb in the middle of the trail.

Labor Day Weekend. Pretty much the "official" end of summer bash/celebration/holiday for us here in the U.S. It marks the entrance into Fall, cooler temps, less sunlight, and wool jerseys.

Kind of an end and a beginning.

XC/endurance racing, criteriums and time trials come to an end, but cyclo-cross begins.

Long, blazing hot summer rides are gone, but the crispy, crunchy fall riding is just around the corner.

The summer doldrums here at Guitar Ted Productions are over as the fall trade show season kicks into high gear.

<===The Badger Dorothy at the North side of The Camp last Wednesday. There were some muddy spots!

So this weekend is sort of that line, that marker we use to move from one thing to the other, although really- change is happening all the time.

Well, enough of that. I will be trying to get in a ride here and there this weekend between watching the kids, and then on Monday going over to visit some family.

<===It was just a short ride, but a good one...

I think I have fully recovered from the Good Life Gravel Adventure. Well, I should say that whole weekend, really. The ride at Potter's was nothing to sneeze at, and all that travel wears on ya.

We'll see. I plan on getting a bit longer ride in today to measure how things are coming along.

Oh yeah, and I need to mow the lawn!!

<===The results of being on a "cob web ride".

So, I hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend. I hope you all have some great bicycling plans ahead. Fall is an awesome time to ride in the woods around here. I can't wait!

I'll also be doing a lot of traveling in the next month and a half. I won't have time to let the dust settle until mid-October.

Should be a crazy time.

<===Another 36"er is born.

Down under in Austrailia another 36"er is stalking the streets. This one from Kaos Custom Bikes. It is fashioned from titanium, set up with XO components, and tubeless wheels. Pretty trick set up for a 36"er!

The bent seat tube is pretty cool. I bet that wasn't easy to get right.

Okay, now get out and ride your bike!

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