Thursday, December 24, 2009

Well, I Tried......

<===Soul Cycles Dillinger- That's a big un right there it is!

So I figured it wasn't doing the blizzard thing, or the freezing rain thing, why not try going for a short ride?

Well, I needed something a bit more stable than the WTB Vulpine up front, so first a tire change was in order. It needed to happen anyway, since I was fairly certain that the sealant was all dried up in this wheel's tire. As well it should be! You see, the sealant had been in there for over a year and a half!

Yup! It was the first tubeless conversion I did using MG's "secret formula". Boy does that stuff work too! You know what? When I pulled that old tire off the DT Swiss TK 7.1 Disc rim I found a thin skin of latex that was layered over the entire inner surface of the tire and rim well. Like a latex inner tube! What that tells me is that the solution was evenly distributed throughout the wheel's inner cavity. Pretty cool stuff. And I should mention that about two months ago I could still hear sealant sloshing in that wheel, so it went dry on me only recently.

And yes, I did two wheels and the other one still has sealant sloshing inside of it. Amazing! Be that as it may, I am going to refresh it here soon. But for now, I was going for a ride. Well, after I fixed my boneheaded mistake of putting on the Geax Saguaro backwards and having it all aired up! Yeah.......back to zero, start over again!

Okay then, tire on right, held air, out for a ride. Boy! It was slick already, even with just a fine mist going. Too slick, so I had to throttle back and just plunk around. The wind was wicked! With the misty precip going sideways, it cut right to the bone. It was down right miserable. Figuring that beating myself up after doing all the car snow shoveling yesterday wouldn't be wise, I headed for the shed and parked the rig.

Well, at least I tried!

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