Thursday, February 04, 2010

I'll Try That

Okay, I know many of my readers are also fans of Gnat Likes... If you are not, you need to check out his stuff.

I like cycling, and cool imagery, and words. Gnat has a knack for imagery like few others in cycling. (I know he is going to poo-poo this notion, but it is true). Don't be surprised if at some point ol' Gnat gets published (more), or gets very well known as a cycling photog.

So why all the hoopla for Gnat? Well because he is a big inspiration for me in a few areas. I count him as a good friend, and friends often will emulate each other, as we all know. So it is with my photography. Honestly, I could have cared less about photography before Gnat's influences caused me to take a better look at what I was doing behind the camera. I got a better camera because of this, and even tried to figure it out! (Long ways to go in that area!)

Finally, you might recognize all of this just from today's image, which is a shot based off one of Gnat's ideas he has used recently on his site. He used a lake. I used a snowmobile trail. Obviously, his is better, but that isn't the point.

The point is that because of guys like Gnat and this guy, I find myself looking at things in new ways. It is a lot of fun, and it opens up a whole 'nuther exciting world out there that I was used to just passing by. It makes me want to try doing new things like photography, riding more challenging terrain, and more. So, in a small way, this image today is my way of saying thanks. Thanks for inspiring me to try.

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