Thursday, July 08, 2010

Okay, That's About Enough Of That!

<===The corner of Baltimore and 2nd on Wednesday, 8:30am. can stop anytime now! The rain, that is. We received 5 inches in less than 24 hours, and in probably less than a few hours, truth be known, on top of an already saturated water table. No where for the water to go but where we don't want it. Basements, roadways, etcetera, were all flooded out on Wednesday morning here. Places that never even saw a drop of water in the basement during the record floods of  '08 were getting flooded. Weird!

So you can imagine how our off road trails are about now! ha!

It rained until about 9:30am, and sputtered awhile after that. The waters subsided to a degree, but even at 6:00pm, you could see water flowing out of cracks in the street yet!  Thankfully we are scheduled for three days of drying out, although I believe I think we need about three weeks of drying out to really do the trick.

And for much of the day, we had the lovely experience of having the percentage of humidity way above the actual temperature, which meant that you were sweating bullets standing still. Just the thing you need for frazzled nerves and grumpy people. To say it was a bogus day would be putting it mildly. That said, there were some extremely bright, bright spots to this otherwise not so great day.

First off, I found out that XXC Mag has accepted my submission for an introductory piece to open up a special issue coming out soon. This is pretty humbling and awesome. I am happy to be a small part of this (what I think will be) smash hit. It's gonna be very cool! More on that later. 

Then I got a text message from a co-worker that another test rig for Twenty Nine Inches came in. It is a Cielo, which is Chris King's handmade bicycle marque. many folks don't realize this, but Chris King was a frame builder first. He didn't like the headsets available back in the late 70's, so he made his own and, well.......the rest is history, as they say. It got to where Chris couldn't keep up with the frame building side of it, so he started Chris King Precision Components. Just within the last few years, Chris started back in making road and cyclo-cross bikes again. The 29"er thing happened by accident, kind of. The rest of that story will be told on TNI. For now I'll just say that by popular request, we have this 29"er to check out for a short time. It's a pretty sweet machine, so I can't wait to get out on it.........if it'd ever stop raining!

Oh yeah! And I got a sneak peek of the following...........

 Have a great Thursday!


Steve Fuller said...

Top tube cable runs make me happy and keep my shifters running better. Anxious to see what that second bike is.

RE: Heat and humidity. The grumpy people can shut the heck up. Amazing how quickly people forget the deep freeze we were in for 4+ months over winter. At least you can get out and do things in the heat.

Matt said...

You can send some of your rain to Virginia - we've had 3 weeks of 90-102 temps with no rain! All the green stuff is turning less-green, including my vegetable garden.

That Cielo looks awesome.

@ Steve - who are the grumpy people you're asking to shut up? Your comment is the only one I see!

Guitar Ted said...

@Matt, I think what Steve is referring to is the mention of grumpy folks I made in my post.

Here's hoping you guys get some relief in the next few days!

paxtoncoyote said...

It is an awesome feeling getting something published as I just found that out the other day when I went & got my new issue of Dirt Rag out of the mailbox, on a page across from Mike Curiak no less, congratulations Mark!

LordOnOne said...

We’ve just had the driest first 6 months of the year since 1929 in the UK!

A whole bike shot has been on Facebook for a month :)