Friday, February 11, 2011


It is nice to get things that you expect in the mail, so yesterday I was pleased to find out that there was a big cardboard box sitting on my porch later in the afternoon.

It was the expected repaired rear wheel for The Snow Dog from the Phil Wood & Co. Now I had the task of not only swapping out wheels, but meticulously cleaning Ben Witt's rear wheel in preparation of restoring it to him a week from today.

So, I checked out the free hub immediately, since the wheel was frozen from being in the delivery truck all day. I figured it would be a good indication of what to expect when I use it soon. It clacked with authority, unlike the way it did before. I am confident that it will work as well as Ben's wheel has been for me since he loaned it to me to use.  So, all will be restored to normal on that front soon, and I am sure I will have no further issues with that hub again. Thanks to the Phil Wood & Co. for the fast, quality servicing.

On The Way: Next up, I had confirmation of the sending out of another delivery that is expected next week. Take a look....

Picked up

Initiated      Picked up    In transit    Delivered
So, what is it?

The Black Mountain Cycles Cross frame and fork is going to be here probably by Thursday of next week, that is, if all goes as usual. I figure about five working days from California to my door. 

Some changes are happening as far as my original build plan, so stay tuned as I put together this rig and start riding it around the gravel roads here. Hopefully soon. 

Speaking of which, this weather has made a turn for the better here and warmer, more cycling friendly temps are on the way. It's a good thing, since I have much work to do before the Dirty Kanza 200 in June

A Question: Which brings me to a question: Should I deliver periodac updates on my Dirty Kanza 200 training, gear, and choices affecting those things here on the blog? This request was suggested to me by a commenter, but I want to hear from the readers to see if anyone might find that useful to read. I mean, it isn't like I would have any graphs and videos like this guy does. No, it would be just my own, regular way of doing things, and ya'all know I am no "big-time" athlete, so that's why I wonder if it would at all be interesting. Well, you let me know!


kevin said...

I say yes! Details on training, gear, nutrition, tire choices, sock choices, everything. I think the endurance noobs (like me) can benefit from the wisdom of the more experienced riders. I know before last year's DK I was sweating my selections trying to find other guy's choices for comparison, and the endurance section of MTBR seems to be full of guys doing the same this year.

Jon said...

I agree. The thing about information on a blog is this: If it's there and I don't want/need it, I can just skip over it.

If it's not there, I'm S.O.L. if I did want/need it.

Bring it on, GTed. Write everything you can, all of us will read some of it, some of us will read most of it, a select few will probably read it all.

Thanks for making the effort.

blackmountaincycles said...

And FedEx's delay in picking the frames up was just enough to receive the dropout adjusters and include them with each frame going out. Looking forward to seeing your build. I think it might be time for me to do something different with mine.

Tom said...

Heck. I want daily updates on alcohol consumption and miles spent wandering up strangers driveways on the Snow Dog.

Wally Kilburg said...

What they said.

Guitar Ted said...

@Wally Killburg: What? You want the daily updates on alcohol consumption? ;>) heh heh!'s looking like this is a go. I'll detail out my thoughts in a post this weekend.

Jay said...

agreed...your choices on gear and equipment will help others taking part in T.I. and DK200 from previous knowledge and experience...also I know about 3 people who have ordered or are in the process of ordering a black mountain monster cross, good work on getting the word out there!

Mark B said...

Awesome, can't wait!

S Sprague said...

Yes on the DK200 prep details! I think we'll benefit from hearing from someone that's more like us. As Jon said "If it's there and I don't want/need it, I can just skip over it" we all can do it.

Thanks GT!

FlatSlide said...

GT, Affirmative!! Much is gleaned from the experiences of others. Share as much as you can and maybe a good wrap up post DK of what worked well and what didn't.

james said...

GT, give us updates. Some of folks in cyber land geek out on the technical stuff, even if it's not the latest carbon this or that with DI2

Ari said...

I always find it interesting to learn from other riders. Posting ideas is always useful so no wasted time my friend!
BMC's are trucking across the good ol' USA as we speak!

Mike Rocks!