Thursday, July 21, 2011

In The Cool Of The Day

Getting It While The Gettin' Is Good
Yesterday was a test ride day and I didn't waste much time in hitting up the Camp's South Side early in the day. With the recent heat wave, getting out early is the best ticket for getting in a couple good laps.

In fact, I probably waited a bit too long. By the time I was done, it was past 11:00am, and the woods were already sapped of the cooler night air that was still around when I started out riding.

July 31st is the big XC race out here and just about everything looks good to go. There is one good sized tree that snapped off about half way up, and smashed a couple of others, making one part of the single track impassable on your bike. I'm sure that will be addressed come race time.

Otherwise, the trails are fast. Really fast. If it doesn't rain much ahead of the event, I'd expect a super fast paced event. The newer sections added since last year only enhance flow, and thus speed, so be careful! It is easy to overcook a corner that comes up faster than you can see it when going lights out now.

Of course, I'll just be getting back from the GTDRI that day, otherwise I'd be in attendance for this one. If I were coming, I'd choose an efficient FS rig over the hard tail, but that's just me. I think the full suspension opens up a couple of more lines, and smooths out some of the rougher stuff out there that slows you down on the hard tail.  So that's my tip on the course. Whoever lines up for this one will have fun. It is a great course now.

Just hope it isn't quite so hot the day of the races!

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