Thursday, March 01, 2012

So, I Was Thinking Again.....

Gale force winds, mini blizzard = Trouble
........and that's a dangerous thing for me!

The winds were howling, and then a little blizzard of snow came in with that. Not a good idea to be riding a bicycle much. (Although I ran a couple errands) This left me with catching up on e-mails, doing some tidying up in the Lab, and left time for some thinking.

The idle mind is a fertile playground for weirdness in my case. So it was yesterday when I saw the following in an e-mail with reference to me:" man of mystery and gravel roads everywhere" 

 That's what Grannygear, my friend in SoCal has used to refer to me since before I knew him. Well, maybe not the "gravel roads" part so much, but "International Man of Mystery", yes. The ironic part about this is I've never been out of the U.S.A., so "international" I am not, but I suppose my writings have gone all over.

At any rate, here's the weird part. The mere reading of "international man of mystery and gravel roads everywhere" made me think of the following idea........

What if there was a gravel road riding club called "Gravelo El Loco"? There could be jerseys, and we all could buy these rad gravel colored pants and ride in solidarity.

Twin Six 3/4's knickers (Image courtesy Twin Six)
Ah me! Maybe I'm just a dreamer.

I have always liked the Pirate Cycling League's older jerseys, (Or maybe they were some shop jersey's from Lincoln?) that had "Lincoln NE" on them. Anyway, I thought it might be a cool idea to have every "Gravelo El Loco"  jersey have the city you hail from on the lower back too, like those Lincoln jerseys did.

It'd be like a brotherhood and sisterhood of gravel freaks everywhere. You know, us crazy gravel road riders", in other words, el loco. 

Well, like I said, I have some nutty ideas sometimes, and that snippet of a sentence I read typed by Grannygear somehow fired the "Gravelo El Loco" synapse. Don't ask me how or why. Like I say, my brain doesn't work like most peoples brains do.

So this is just a crazy idea. I haven't got the money nor time to put into the idea to make it happen, but I think it would be fun. Would it be successful? Who knows, and frankly, I don't really care. It's just a fun idea I came up with and that's probably as far as it will get. Kinda like that gravel stage race idea I had last year. I just do not have the time for anymore non-sense like that in my life right now.

I mean, it isn't like I'm not busy, or anything!


grannygear said...

I am proud to be an inspiration to your fevered brain, oh mutton chopped one.

Consider me a member in good standing, So Cal gravel style.

PS: LOOOOOve the knickers.

Mike Johnson said...

Hmmm I like the idea of "Gravelo El Loco" kits maybe it should start with a long sleeve woolie.

Travel Gravel said...

I like the name;););)Expect the comment I get all the time, "What does grave lo mean?"

MG said...

The jerseys from Lincoln you're thinking of are the Monkey Wrench Cycles team jerseys... A Hoss original design, by Chad "Hoss" Hawthorne, a great designer and 29"-ridin' brother.

Guitar Ted said...

@MG: Ah! I knew you'd come through with the correct answer! Thanks my Brother! I love that Monkey Wrench jersey.