Tuesday, May 28, 2013

....And All I Got Was This iPhone Pic!

Finally! A ride happened.....
Well, that was a typical Memorial Day Weekend. Rain, thunder, lightning, high winds, and flooding all weekend until Monday fore noon. Then it finally dried up enough to get out and enjoy some gravel.

Saturday I awoke to grumbling skies and rain, so I didn't go out on the 3GR. Props to those who may have ridden in the rain, but I am not motivated to go out and do that. So, I waited it out to see if things would clear up, and for a time in the afternoon, it did, but I was obliged to do some family time. Not a problem for me to drop a ride to spend time with the family at all, so no big deal.

I did get a lot of work done on the Gravel Mutt, (which I will detail later), so I was pleased to get that project pushed along a little further. There will be another sanding, painting, and hopefully thread chasing session after this. Then I will move on to assembly. I also did some tire swapping on the gravel wheels and on the Project White Inbred bike.

Sunday I played bass at church, then back to the house to meet with a guy who is going to help fix our kitchen cieling, and then I watched a race. Of course, it was raining cats and dogs with high winds most of the day here anyway, so no bike riding was even contemplated for Sunday. Monday I grilled out for lunch, then I hit the gravel South of town. It was so humid I felt damp the entire ride. The gravel was correspondingly mushy and soft in a lot of places, but it was riding a bike time, and I was on it!

Both my cameras were down on battery power simultaneously, so all I got from the ride was a single iPhone pic. It shows the somber mood of the countryside well enough though. Lots of standing water everywhere. Black Hawk Creek has topped the banks and spread over the low lying farm fields adjacent to its banks making for a sight. Almost as if there were a big lake South of town now! What a contrast to a year ago when it was mid-90's, blazing Sun, and dry for weeks on end. Either way, I'll take this ride and be glad. I really needed it!

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