Thursday, November 14, 2013

Project LTHT: Update!

I bet a lot of folks forgot about this! Project LTHT is still alive, and now I finally have something to say about it!

I had a sort of mismatched parts spec I was going to put on this frame, but a conversation with Shimano resulted in their wanting to be a part of this review for Twenty Nine Inches, so I had them send a kit to build this up with.

That took a lot longer than I wanted it to, and now, with Winter knocking on the door, I have to scramble to get this thing done so I can get it out before it is snow up to our eyeballs out on the trails. But either way it goes, this should turn out to be a fun little rig and I will be looking forward to trying to push it and myself a little harder on the trails.

It's funny when you are building up a rig how the silliest little chunk of aluminum can stop you in your tracks. For instance, I forgot to mention that I needed an IS adapter for the rear brake. Doh! Easily taken care of, but a simple bit that you just have to have. I was so hoping just to assemble this and get going by the weekend, but until I can lay hands on an adapter, I'm going to be out of luck there!

In the meantime, I have a couple more things to get to anyway, so I always have something or another I can be working on. I've got more sealant and tubeless tire work, and a couple of swaps on components here and there to fine tune the fleet.

More on Project LTHT soon.......really!

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